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Hey Guys,

I am configuring a new system now, and am onto choosing my graphics card.
I want one that is
-under/around $200
-Crossfire-able in the future

Tomshardware recommends the hd 5770, but I'm wary of this because of lots of so-so or bad reviews on Newegg.
Has anybody used a 5770? Can you tell me how it works - how reliable you think it is?
I will eventually want to crossfire whatever card I get (on a Gigabyte 890fx Motherboard), and I've heard that the 5770 scales up well, but I'm uneasy about the longevity and power/quality of this card.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I have no complaints with my 5770. I liked it so much, I bought another last week and am now doing crossfire. They are both xfx. When I was running it single, it overclocked to the max allowable in ATI Overdrive. With them in crossfire, I'm running them @ 5770 XXX clock, mem speeds. It does fine. No problems with them.
  2. I wonder how good this Sapphire one is in comparison to the XFX one?
    Lower price point and still good looks. Looks like same specs.
  3. Which of the XFX ones do you have? I see three different ones on Newegg.
  4. Primary Card

    Second Card

    Most of them have the same specs. unless it's an overclocked version, like the XFX XXX edition. I got XFX because of it's double lifetime warranty. If I choose to sell them, the next person gets a limited lifetime warranty as well. Increases resell value a bit.
  5. Does anyone (who sees this) have a Sapphire HD 5770? If so, which one?
  6. Nice - so the XFX 5770 is now on sale on Newegg for essentially the same price as the Sapphire one (the Sapphire one had a $4 promo code, but that's minimal). That would probably be better in the long run, since they both have about the same reviews, and the XFX has a better warranty (and looks pretty awesome).
    What do you think?
  7. If they're the same price, I'd go for the XFX anyday.
  8. Yea, XFX is usually a given because of their warranty, but they also cost a few bucks more. If they are the same price though, definitely get the XFX. Other companies can't beat their warranty. It also looks really cool.
  9. I bought one a month ago from Gigabyte and unfortunately it was plagued by the infamous 5xxx series problems (sudden blank screen in my case) so I RMAed the card and decided to go with Nvidia instead, and no regrets!
  10. I've heard that updating your drivers can fix most or all of those problems.
  11. IMHO: get the XFX HD-577A-ZNFC model of the 5770. Not the "X" model.

    It has the enclosed cooler shroud, to exhaust hot air out the back of the case.

    Most cards use up 2 PCI slots, anyway, this one use 1 to force hot air out of the case... :hello:

    But be careful, not all advertisements have the correct pictures! A whole other thread!

    (i.e. MicroCenter has both the egg-shaped and enclosed shroud coolers, but only has the picture of the egg-shaped. So check model numbers!)
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    I would still advise getting a 5770. As I said, I had one for a few months. Never had any problems. Liked it so much I got another. If I did have problems, ATI has been great with their support and driver updates to fix what problems they did have. They are pretty stable now with Catalyst 10.4

    I wouldn't dare tell anyone go to nvidia if they are looking at a mid range card. Spending more money on outdated tech is just goofy. More and more games will use dx11 and you won't have dx11 because you choose an older nvidia (unless you get 470 or 480)
  13. After some debating and consulting other threads, I decided to go with the HIS IceQ 5770. A little more expensive, but awesome cooling (shoots air out the back of case) and great looks. I have an HIS card right now, and it's the bomb. They seem to really know how to make good cards with great cooling.

    Thanks everybody for all your input.
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