What fans should I get?

This is my case:
Ascension - Duality

Here is the back where I am having problems:

As you can see, there is spacing for three fans across the top back. Obviously, pic is not of my system as there are fans there.

I bought several Nexus fans:

They work fine for the front of the case, but the mounting points for the three fans on the back are too close together to use these three fans. The edges of the fans are too big to mount more than one.

I am running a corsair h-50, with on of the nexus fans on the inside, the rad further in, and the stock fan at the inmost position, in the center mounting point for the rear fans, pulling cool air in over the rad. The other two mounting points are empty. I would like to fix that.

What fans would fit there? Blue LEDs would be nice but not necessary as it is on the back. I'd like some good cfm, and lower to moderate noise, though the machine is not all that quiet as it is.

What would you recommend?
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