How to make the HDD primary after SSD is boot drive

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Alright so got the SSD installed with the OS and my game, shut it down to add my 1TB HDD but when I pull up 'Computer' it does not show my HDD. It only shows my SSD

After that is figured out how would I go about to make the configuration so my HDD is primary and SSD is boot. I saw a couple other posts but still dont quite get it, one of the forums I read no one was even able to verify if it was correct or not so hopefully someone has a way of showing me how to do this. (Why isnt there a sticky for something like this already?)
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  1. got the HDD up and running now I need help on figuring out how to make the HDD the primary so no more stuff gets saved on my SSD
  2. Right click on My Document / Properties / Path and change it.
  3. Okay just did this to a couple of the folders with the location change in the properties menu and it changed the name of the folders so I cant tell which one is my download folder and which one is which from the other folders what the heck>
  4. Alright I want to do a complete clean install to get my HDD more organized cause I'm looking at it now and crap is just all over the place on the drive there is no organization to it all its just dumping every single thing on it without putting it into proper folders

    I cant format a SSD correct? I remember reading something that said it might mess it up, anyone know anything about it?

    Edited: nvm, said not to do a disk defragment on it, awesome. But still need to find a way to after I put my OS and game and addons on the SSD to have everything else save to HDD
  5. Just did a clean install of of my system when I pulled up 'Computer' its saying that my SSD is almost completely full (its a 64GB, OS only takes around 20GB and I havent installed anything else yet). Anyone know whats going on?
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