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Hi, i just want to knnow i fu can tlel me or give me a list of good cases, my requeriments are: black interior, window (larger is better), blue lights or no lights (i just dont want a red one, green or something like that) and finaly a full tower case that can fit easily a 5970 cause i dont want to change it soon, soo i want one with the space to fit any future card.

Thakns :hello:
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  1. Cooler Master HAF 932 X, Cooler Master Cosmos Pure, Silverstone Raven.
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    Well, its hard to find a decent full tower with a black interior and not end up with one of those hideous HAF cases. But here are a few great cases to look at:
    ^ Not great for aircooling unless you pack it with high flow fans.
    ^ Decent case, good cooling, great price.
    ^ Looks are very subjective, but if you get the extra fans it will be a cooling monster.
    ^ listed as mid towers, but they're more full towers than anything. Some of the best cooling, especially if your lucky to get the AP fans stock.
    ^ Great case plain and simple. Lian Li are unequaled in quality, south of the $1000+ range of cases from Windy. Cooling is good and it has all you want. Notice the awesome tool-less features.
    ^ Decent cooling, looks good, and matches your criteria.

    Many will recommend the HAF-X, but the thing is really ugly and I just can't recommend how cheap it looks. Also the Antec 1200 fits your criteria, but Antec's quality is pretty bad with cases, not PSUs though.
  3. mm i seeing bettween corsair nzxt and lian li... wichone has more room for graphics card??
  4. OMFG!! lian li price ^^ i think i will w8 for phantom... and what about phantom space and build quality?
  5. Well, some people are very put off by such prices so I'm not surprised.

    A good overview of the case:

    If MM says he is happy with the build quality and materials, then I have no doubt that they are good.

    As for space for GPUs, any case that supports E-ATX should fit any modern GPU, with maybe some really odd exceptions. The Phantom is supposedly rated to support a GPU that is 350mm or more, which is an inch longer than any existing GPU.
  6. ok i will get it when i find a way to have it in my country lol, it has no window :( but the other things i like a lot so i will get it
  7. Just out of curiosity, why not the RV02? It has the window, will cool better out of the box, and is pretty nice. I realize that the Phantom has some great features though, and I don't think you can go wrong either-way, but if your set on a side window then get one.

    What country do you live in?
  8. Im from Argentina... the thing i dont like the raven is the rare position... this will my first build and that would be a nightmare and secnd i really dnt like to have all tha wires coming up from the top.
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  10. Maybe they export to Argentina? They advertise the thing on their site.
  11. :S theydonsnt seem to have one :S but i will contact them anyway thaks!
  12. I don't believe that the Phantom has been released yet, its set to launch early September.
  13. ok.. so ill think i will w8 for 2011 for start my build...

    to get phantom+bulldozer+68xx+990fx chipset :D

    the bad thing is i have to w8 with a core 2 duo+4670+nosiest case ever (thermaltake bach) <---- hate it
  14. By the time BD comes out, im sure better cases will be out. Might wanna try this one out:
  15. i hate thermaltake lol
  16. I can understand the detestation of a specific case, but not really of a company as a whole. Hateboism is just as bad as fanboism if you aske me. Thermaltake actually makes some very good cases. You just have to get one of the good ones.
  17. with the bach that my dad bought they made a horrible horrible job it has 60mm fans!! no calbe managment, bad airflow, lot of noise etc etc etc
  18. i have a question... the phantom has blue leds??? and if it does... are all the fans blue led??
  19. Yes all the fans are blue LED.

    As for Thermaltake, I have nothing against them really but I can't think of a good product that they have made recently...
  20. Same here, but then its a good thing the Speedo was made like 2 years ago :lol:
  21. ok ... and the fans that nzxt sells are with blue led too right?
  22. Yes, although i dont see why you would buy them, there are far better fans on the market...
  23. i dont want to have a noctua thing with that color :P (just an example), they will match up and it dont change too much if i get anotherone
  24. Yes it does. Better fan=better cooling, better cooling=more airflow, more airflow=cooler parts, cooler parts=ability to safely add more volatge, ability to safely add more voltage=higher overclock, higher overclock=faster computer, faster computer=less need to upgrade, less need to upgrade=more money saved, more money saved= more money to spend, more money to spend=better car, better car= less Co2 emmitions, less Co2 emmitions=less global warming, less global warming=cooler temperature, cooler temperature=lower ambient temperature in your computer. See, its the cycle of fans :lol: :lol: :lol:
  25. Well the fans provided by NZXT are actually quite good, I see no reason to replace them, just add a few more.
  26. i wouldnt say replace the current ones, but i wouldnt buy NZXT fans as added ones as there are better for less.
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