How good is the newegg holiday sale?

I'm going to build my first ever gaming computer at the end of this summer, starting with zero know-how and zero parts -- meaning I'll need the OS and a monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, all of it -- but I was wondering if Neweggs current sale is potent enough that it'd be smart to consider buying now instead of waiting a few months. I'm completely new to this stuff and the values of it all so I don't know if I'm being suckered by a shiny add or if it's a really smart time to build a computer. Thanks!
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  1. Is this thread just about newegg's pricing or also about your choice of components? I live in belgium and I'm not very experienced with newegg so can't help you there.
  2. Meh...

    I didn't see anything uber-exciting about Newegg's current sale. Holiday sales are often like this. You're better off checking their daily deals and one-off sales.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm an avid Newegg fan and 5+ year loyal customer. Their prices, even during non-sale times, are among the lowest and their customer service is top notch (in my experience). I just think you're better off waiting for something better.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Thanks. I'll be posting an actual advice query on here sometime this summer, maybe even as soon as next week if I can get the finances in order, but I just wanted to make sure if there wasn't like a buncha deals that would be saving me so much insane money that it would be crazy to wait.
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