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Windows Explorer freezes when DVD drive spins.

Hello all,

Whenever my DVD drive starts up, my windows explorer freezes for about 2-3 seconds. This tends to happen when I open up Windows Explorer, My Computer, or any folder. I am guessing that the drive revs up in order to see if there is any disc in the drive in order to display its contents in Windows Explorer. This has happened on most, if not all, the computers I have owned with an internal disc drive.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening?
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    This is normal, but if you feel that it is an unacceptable load time, the drive may be dieing.

    One way to avoid this would be to make .ISO images of the disks you use most
    Then use a tool like Magic Disk to fool your computer into thinking these .ISO files are actual disks.
    This is called mounting a virtual disk.
  2. I dont think the drive is dying, it does sound normal. ISO files are great, but really....who uses the cd/dvd drive that much anymore? Invest in a USB stick?
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