Nvidia optimus?

So we've all probably heard about this new technology, which automatically switches the graphics between the discrete and IGP to conserve power. My question is, will this technology be available on desktops? I'm just wondering because I know it will save all of us a little on the electric bill and who really needs that GTX 480 running 24/7?
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  1. I wouldn't really think so, because Microsoft said that they removed HybridPower support (pretty much like Optimus but on desktops) with either Vista or 7, I don't really remember. The GTX 480's idle power isn't that bad, but if you're really concerned you might as trade that GTX 480 for an HD 5870 and $75 cash or so.
  2. Nvidia opimus isn't a software solution. It is a hardware solution which require extra PCB on both the graphics card and the motherboard.

    Maybe in the future but at this time there will be no "optimus" variant for the desktop.
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