What do the letters d i g i mean? re asusp8p67proobo

thank you for taking the time to field my question. i just took delivery of my shiny new asus p8p67 pro motherboard. in the manual there is a section regarding overclocking etc and the acronym "d i g i" and "vrm" are used . i can't find what these letters mean in the asus website, google or bing. i would be very grateful if you could clear this up for me. thanking you in advance, allen dyer vancouver island bc.
emaim: g.bear50@yahoo.com
thank you
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  1. DIGI+ VRM

    Digital VRM (Voltage Regulator Module)

    ASUS' claim is that it produces a much more efficient and a much more stable source of power for the CPU allowing for a more stable CPU overclock.
  2. ko888
    thank you for the heads up. i guess if i would have thought about it logically it would have made more sense. every day, a little bit more knowledge. thank you kindly allen02
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