Need help! pc will not boot, becasue the Power SW.

i got a new motherboard for free from a friend, it worked before, i got the pc to boot up once,now i can't get it to turn on i know why but i can't fix it. here is my mb hp skyhawk D33007. here is the wires i need to fix to get the pc to boot (Power LED, Power SW, H.D.D LED).

if you need to know anything else just say something.

Thank you.
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  1. if anyone know the way i should put the wires in, plus the order they go in would be very helpful thanks
  2. plus is there a different way to boot the pc, other than power button? the only thing that happend when i plug the power cable into my pc is the green light on mb lights up. i have 400watt psu.
  3. Can you upload an up-close pic of it?
  4. not this sec upi will try an find one on google that looks like it....the case of the pc is an emachine. . so the power sw is not attached to the hdd light. ect.

  5. i will get a close up in the the after noon , i hope that link will help for now. it gets a somewhat close up shoot of the mb
  6. Okay, the bottom picture of the board in that site you linked, the bottom left of the board has some yellow connectors. Do you see them?
  7. here are some pic if more are need tell me

  8. Ok, do you see anything like JFP1 by those connecters or (something similar)? Thanks for pics, can you post a close up of the connecters for me?
  9. ok i fixed that, but now the pc will not load. i know the mb works, before i moved it over i saw it working on a different pc. all it does is show a green light on the bottom of the board. i fixed the order of pins to put the power switch is in the right order..... please help the pc will not boot at all now...... nothing moves fan sit. hhd does not make noise...
  10. Okay, that's one problem out of the way. You say nothing will turn on at all? And you're positive the PWR SW is in the right position?
  11. Okay, 1. make sure PSU works 2. do you have a speaker connected to the board? Does the speaker beep?
  12. no speaker, going to check psu in one min
  13. Good, I should be online for a little while
  14. ok i got no beeps, i got a different psu, and that didn't do anything..... anything else i should try? only the green light is up in the bottom of the case.
  15. the psu i had in there was a 400watt, and which for the psu to a 250 watt which was what it had to began with. there is no graphics card in there other than the one on the mb
  16. Try running with one stick of RAM, testing each stick. Double check to see that everything is connected.
  17. ok i tryed that still not a thing moved...
  18. See the little battery? Pull it for a min and see if that works. You can also disconnect stuff like CD and hard drives, anything not needed for the board to boot.
  19. ok i will do that
  20. thank you it booted!!!!!
  21. but now the power switch does not work...../
  22. Good! Try putting the reset switch wire where the power switch wire was, and power it on with that if the switch is broke.
  23. power switch, and the hdd light does not work....
  24. it does not have a reset switch
  25. Is the switch physically broke? Reverse the polarity of the HDD light and it should work.
  26. can you get a picture of this???

  27. Is that what you're looking for?
  28. that is hard to read
  29. Do you need a different pic?
  30. yes please
  31. Is this what you need?

    Maybe this?
  32. Did you get it working?
  33. yes i did

    thank you for your time, and helping me out
  34. No problem. I'm glad to hear it's working for you!
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