Looking for a good Mid-Level Motherboard/CPU Combo

I currently have a MS-7525 with a pentium dual core e2160. I have upgraded my ram to 4gb and i also have a upgraded GPU i would like to continue upgrading and go for a motherboard and cpu upgrade. I was wondering what you all thought a good upgrade is for. I am running Win 7 32 bit. I play online games, WoW, Runes of Magic, I also watch videos and stream them from pc to my xbox 360. if you need any other info let me know :)
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  1. How much do you want to spend ?
    Getting a SB Core i3/i5 along with a P67 board will give you a huge boost in performance(though it requires DDR3 RAM)
  2. yea i have DDR2 so unless its a good bundle that comes with the DDR3 i dont know if i can afford it. But im looking to spend betwee 100-200
  3. Then don't bother changing your motherboard.Because getting a new motherboard without a new CPU barely has an effect on your performance.
    Get a faster CPU instead
  4. thats why i said a motherboard and cpu upgrade.. I have been looking over Tigerdirect and Newegg.. I just dont know what would be a good combo because thats what i would getting not just one or the other. But if you know of a good combo on a website between 100-200 that will last me a couple years link it for me. :)
  5. Like I said,if you want to upgrade the whole thing,you have to upgrade your RAM to DDR3 as well, so the overall cost is out of your budget.
    Q8300 is a good upgrade from your current CPU
  6. i would love to just buy a quad core and throw it on my Mobo but it wont work because my mobo doesnt support quad, i understand needing to upgrade to DDR3 how about a upgrade that is ddr2 since i did just upgrade my ddr2 lol. any suggestions if i go that route?
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  8. that would be awesome but that is wayy to much money for i didnt even really wanna come close to 200.. i wouldnt even mind a used one lol but thanks for the help :)
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