How to block internet connection using router configuration

how to block internet connection using router configuration
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  1. Most routers allow the creation of firewall rules to control Internet access. By default everyone on the LAN side has access. But you should be able to limit access based on IP address, perhaps even MAC address. It just depends on the features available w/ your router. I can't be more specific since you didn't mention a make & model.
  2. Hi there. same question above. (How to block internet connection using router configuration) I am currently using Cisco Wireless G Router lynksis. I can also able to access my router and from there I just want to ask how to disable internet access to another laptop using ip or mac?
  3. How can I disable and block someone not to have internet access from my laptop while I am connected?
  4. You'll have to do this manually each time so not an attractive option.

    Enable Access List (that filters users in or out by identifying MAC ID of their wireless device). Include yourself but not the user you want to block.

    Disable Access List when you want to let them access the Internet, Enable it when you you want to access the Internet.
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