Hi all,

There's this new EFI thing and I want to know if this can be force flashed to other MoBo's.

It can read more than 2TB of HDD memory, That's what I need.
I don't want to buy newer MoBo's right now.

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  1. unfortunatly no it can be flashed on to old mobo's only the newer chip set are supporting it, and alternative for you could be a sata interface card for pci or pcie
  2. No, it cannot be force-flashed.

    With a non-UEFI system, all you need is a second hard drive. All UEFI does is allow for drives larger than 2.2TB -- you can still have multiple drives adding up to more than 2TB on the old version. For example, you could have four 1TB drives, or two 2TB drives.
  3. yes i can confirm that

    my current motherboard a gygabyte ud3 somethign or antoher for my dual core cpu and i have 6 gigs of ram

    and the following hard drives

    2 2.0tb drives
    1 1tb drive
    1 350gig hard drive

    and there is no problem with it seeing the space.

    so i guess unless your getting a hard drive larger than 2tb then there is no problem.
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