Best computer for 1000 I think I did it!!, can you double check please

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  1. What's the intended purpose of the computer?

    i7-930 + 5770 is good for audio/video editing or 3D rendering, but kind of terrible for gaming. (Depending on monitor resolution, of course.)

    EDIT: And by "kind of terrible" I mean that it's a mis-allocation of resources. 5850 + i5-750 or 5870 + AMD Athlon II X3/Phenom II X4 would be much better for gaming.
  2. with gaming a 5770 would max out most games at 1080p with limited AA but a 5770 does seem weak to match with an i7 if its for gaming
  3. What resolution and what use?
  4. buying an i7-930 with a 5770 is NOT the best gaming build for under 1000. Either look at an i5-750 build or go smart and get an AMD build.

    While I agree that if budget is a non-issue i7 is the way to go. But if you have a budget, especially a 1k budget, anything you buy Intel is going to cost you performance in other areas.
  5. Hay thanks for everyone's help how's this a 5850 with an i5 750 and this motherboard

    and btw its for gaming
    and my rez is 1920 by 1080
  6. That motherboard won't be good for SLI, if that's a concern. If you simply intend to buy a better graphics card if you need to, then it's fine. And yeah, at 1920x1080, the 5770 would be underpowered. The 5850 is a much better bet.

    Upon further review, I'm uncertain about the power supply. Make sure to get one with Active PFC & 80+ certified. This Corsair TX 650 should be enough to power the system, or you could step up to a 750 TX.
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