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I have received a computer from my friend and I'm currently using the case. However my case is unmarked, as in no label from the manufacture, anywhere. I also cannot find anything online that matches its specs. I'm hoping to identify the case. A list of features:

4 x 5.25" external bays
1 x front floppy bay
2 x 120mm fan spots (1 front and 1 on the side panel)
1 x 80mm rear fan
7 x expansion slots
4 x 3.25" internal bays
A CPU vent And the front looks like sort of an X where the vent for the front fan is.
Also 2 Front USB and front audio and microphone.

Heres a pic in case anyones seen it before.
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  1. That pictures doesn't show anything, just the front so it could be anything.

    Why do you want to identify the case?
  2. I love this case because its not overkill and has everything I need. However I want to mod it, so I was hoping get a second one in case something goes wrong. Also if nothing goes wrong I have some old pc parts laying around that when I'm done I can make a half-way decent computer for my father since he is sick of his girlfriend putting games and everything on their laptop. Which he stated was not going to happen.
  3. For some reason the picture is not loading. But from your description - and the lack of a brand name, I suspect that it is a no-name case out of China.
  4. Ask your friend perhaps?
    No idea what it is.
  5. My friend has no paper work of the parts, as a family friend built it.
  6. Wouldn't worry about it, just don't mess up;)
  7. Well I'm looking to put some vent holes in the top of the case so I can flip the PSU around so it can draw in cooler outside air. Also wanted to try to mod the side panel and put in a side window. Any guides on those ideas? I haven't been able to find any.
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