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Yes i currently have a WD 500GB caviar blue HD with windows 7 home "oem" is it possible to buy a Intel SSD hook it up to my computer install my win7 "oem" on that drive and copy certain games/programs over to it and make the ssd my boot drive and the hdd just a storage drive and also for programs i use but not al the time ?

Thanks for any help and answers u can provide as i dont have any knowledge in this matter
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    You can replace the hard drive(add SSD) on your system, and still use the original OEM Windows license. You will have to re-install your programs.
  2. ok so i would just need to install the oem on the ssd and the programs i want on it ?
  3. Yes, your OEM version is still valid on this system(as long as you don't replace the motherboard).
    Look at the link I provided. There are some useful articles about setting up a system with a SSD.
  4. yup, your fine. Just make sure that your bios is up to date, and when you install the OS dont have any other hard drives connected. Reconnect the Caviar Blue after the OS is installed.
  5. Okay thanks guys for the help, much appreciated
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