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Hey all, I've been looking around for a great headset for a mixture of gaming and listening to music on my PC. I am studying audio engineering, so I have my own set for mixing/editing, but I need another set for gaming (with a mic), that also sounds great for listening to music. What suggestions do you guys have for me? I've read up on the Creative Sound Blaster Arena, but I've had some people saying they're amazing, some saying they're average (7/10). What else do you guys have for me to look at? :)
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  1. Turtle beach PX-21 compatible with ps3 xbox and PC. Very happy with this product , =]
  2. I've read a lot about the AD700. They sound like a good choice, only thing to stop me would be I'm not 100% sure on the situational awareness of things like footsteps in gaming, and the quality of audio. All the reviews say the sound is great but don't go into specifics of these areas i'm interested in.
  3. The Audio Technica ATH-AD700 is GREAT for gaming, in my opinion. Certainly the best bang for your buck. Add a separate microphone (either desk-based or clip-on) and you will have way better sound quality than you're going to get from a headset.

    The spacial awareness is very good, provided you are using something like CMSS-3D Headphone or Dolby Headphone. Do you have a sound card or are you using onboard?

    The only thing I can see you might not love with AD700 is bass, depending on the music you like. You could always go with a closed can like the ATH-A900 (I love AT cans if you can't tell) for great bass, but obviously at a higher cost.
  4. The Creative sound blaster arena is an awesome gaming headset.. However, it wont match the AD-700 when it comes to hi-fi audio quality.. Sort out your priorities.. If audio in gaming is your primary criteria then you wont go wrong with the sound blaster..
  5. What about tritton ax pros?
  6. I haven't used the AX Pro, but I used to use an AX 720. The sound quality imho is nowhere near a set of good cans. Also, the Pro uses "real" 5.1 right? Usually those tend to sound like garbage compared to virtual surround headphones, IMHO.
  7. IMO the best headset available for gaming are the Sennheiser PC-350.. They are costly though.. Its an improbable proposition but if you can get a trial before your purchase (no matter which headset you decide to purchase) then nothing like it.. Anyway, don't get clouded by the positional audio marketing.. A regular set of quality cans will do a very nice job in reproducing the playing field (in audio terms) to your advantages and liking.. I game with my Sennheiser HD 515 G4ME.. It has no visualised audio settings but i've never missed my enemy position because of it.. They are excellent for music too which was my top priority while looking out for a headphone for gaming + music..
  8. whats the difference between HD515 and HD515 G4ME
  9. MEgamer said:
    whats the difference between HD515 and HD515 G4ME

    No differences via specs and/or looks/build.. The regular 515 has a 6.3mm connector though whereas the g4me uses a 3.5mm connector.. According to Sennheiser, the g4me version received some specific tuning for gaming and to relieve the original 515 of its initial shortcomings.. Of course i can't comment on that as i've not heard the regular model..
  10. Sorry guys, forgot to mention I had already gone out and forked out $300 on the ATH-AD900s which should arrive today. Raving reviews about them everywhere I look in regards to gaming and music. Cannot wait!
  11. that's a lot to fork out.. id recommend Logitech G35 (or G390 for the wireless), Steelseries Siberia V2, Steelseries 7H USB(this one has 7.1 virtual), Asus Vulcan ANC or Vulcan Pro (7.1 surround).
    :D 7H and the logitech ones are on sale atm i believe @__@
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