My computer will not start!!!

Ok so my psu is what i thought was the problem, but i can get it to run if i jump it or if i plug it into the computer into everything except for the 4 port mobo power thing or the cd/rw drive. What is the problem

Ok Quick Update: I put everything back in place. I can get everything in the computer to start up if it is plugged into the psu like fans/hd/leds BUT the computer like short circuits if it is plugged into either the CD/RW or the 4 Connecter Mobo port. I have it plugged into the 24/20 thing on the mobo and the green light comes on and everything starts up, but it will not start up if its in the 4 port or the cd/rw drive, What are the problems im looking at here?

EDIT: I plugged in an old 300w psu from an old compaq and everything in the computer starts up fine no matter what it is plugged into im so confused as to what the problem can be..HELP PLEASE

Edit 2: If i pluf the 300w psu into the cd/rw it works and starts up fine but it short circuits on the 680w that it is usually on
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  1. If it works fine with the 300w power supply then the 680w power supply is faulty, I don’t know why you are confused by this. Power supplies often fail by not being able to supply the full load that they are being ask to supply but work fine on a lesser load.
  2. Definitely a PSU issue.
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