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I have an ASUS Rampage III Formula with two SATA HD's in a RAID 1 set. One of the drives has degraded, but the other is still healthy. My system still boots, and runs, however, it has serious issues and needs to be fixed.

Can I go into the RAID utility at post, then erase and format the failed drive? Will this allow me to rebuild the RAID set, or will this run automatically somehow? Looking for some guidance on exactly how to fix the degraded drive.

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  1. First make sure that you have a complete backup. You can't format the drive if it's a member of an array. Use the same hard disk only if you are fairly sure that it still is good. You can find good instructions from Dell (same Intel controller) here:
  2. Drives shouldn't just drop out of the raid set unless you have a bad drive. Go to the HD manufactures webpage download their tool and test the drive which is listed as degraded. There is a very good chance you will have to remove the drive from the raid set in order to be able to test it.

    As mentioned above you should always have your data backed up.
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