M-ATX build

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Plan to purchase in a week or two

BUDGET RANGE: $1000-$2500

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming, multitasking, surfing the internet, watching movies

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: all part required except OS

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Any is fine, but newegg is preferred.

PARTS PREFERENCES: Rampage Gene II, Liquid Cooling



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Lots of storage, preferably 1TB, but if not 1TB then greater than 500GB. Also, on-board wifi if possible
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  1. Is that "case" a case or a spider. I cant tell. Must be a case because a spider has 8 legs.... Sorry i dont know much about micro ATX builds, but i think for the budget i would go for a Phenom x4 955 Black :)
  2. No one has any ideas about this?
  3. For an M-atx build with that budget you can go pretty all out. The only thing differen't about m- atx builds is that your motherboard is going to be more limited. But they are getting better and better. also with smaller cases heat will be a problem, as will fitting everything.

    If your going water cooling, get a case with a good spot for rad(s). Make sure to get a modular PSU.

    Are you planning to do mulitple GPU"S or not.
  4. 1 or 2 gpu's should suffice.
  5. I have been looking around and can't find a decent MATX case for watercooling that isn't the NZXT
  6. Dan Scubiroo said:
    I have been looking around and can't find a decent MATX case for watercooling that isn't the NZXT

    You have a couple options.

    One mod an m-atx tower or desktop to meet your watercooling needs.

    Two Buy the nzxt

    Three find another case such as an atx mini tower, or an matx desktop, that has a couple 120mm holes and run a limited watercooling system (or mod it to have more)

    Four for a little more money and a little bigger case get one of these



  7. The first two links don't work. Those other casses are mid tower cases they are bigger and fit full atx boards (as well as m-atx, and some cases ,no pun intended, e-atx). Though theses cases will work for you, they will not take advantage of the smallness of your m-atx mobo. If you are looking at mid tower atx casses then their are so many that would match up with those two you chose.

    (I'm not trying to be insulting but just so we're clear m-atx stands for micro-atx not mid-atx like the mid tower atx cases)

    As for graphics go with a 5870 so you can crossfire it down the road.
  8. I understand MATX stands for micro.

    I'm having a hard time choosing a case incase you couldn't tell. Do you have any recommendations for a case that will fit the h50 (120mm fan/watercooling) that is small enough to take to a LAN event without feeling like I'm lugging a full tower?
  9. If your just going to be using an h50 as your only water cooling than many cases will fit your needs. If your planning on using it for LAN get a nice, stylish, small, light, m-atx case. not a mid tower. (but thats just me, i have a full tower, but really like the idea of a small box pc)

    Here's what I would go with

    (comes in silver and red)

    I'm pretty sure you could fit an h50 in there. At least with a little modding.

    But the thing with cases seem to be is that once you get all your needs (120mm fan holes and smallish) what it really comes down do how it looks.

    Like I said there are probably 100 cases that would fit your needs, especially if you choose to get a mid tower. Just get one you like
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