CPU by 8 cores

I like buy a pc computer by a CPU with 8 real core!
what is your suggestion model?
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  1. What do you use the PC for?
  2. unknown_13 said:
    What do you use the PC for?

    AMD or Ci7 or other suggestions, but with 8 real cores
  3. I decide buy a pc with 8 core!
    I will perform MD simulation by it
    thus, I gave not any idea for selection of them
  4. Those are on the market with 6 cores at the moment!
  5. whoud you suggested pc with 6 core
  6. randomizer said:

    Yеаh..... "nice" server chip :lol:

    Anyway....... the fastest 6-core CPU on the market is the i7-980x, and costs 1000$:D

    The cheaper solution is the i7-970, which costs 900$ (rofl :pt1cable: )

    And the cheapest solution are the AMD X6 10xxT series, which cost 200$(1055T) and 300$(1090T). They're slower, not much though, but are ALOT cheaper.
  7. Assuming that MD calculations are highly parallel, the 980X is potentially alot faster than the 1090T. If time is money, it may be worth the $1k investment. I don't do MD simulations though so I can't really say.
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