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I am building a PC with a friend tomorrow, and he has an interesting idea. He wants to build the PC outside, on a table. It would be a full build, exposed components and all. I wanted to go with our original idea of building it inside his house. Am I being paranoid or is building this thing outdoors a bad idea?
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  1. If you fumble something and it hits a stone or concrete patio yeah!
    Otherwise it sounds quite pleasant to me.
  2. Just pack it in quickly if it starts to rain, and be careful about static (or as careful as you would inside).
  3. Are you gonna build a protective container for it, so water doens't get in to it?
  4. Lol,

    I assume you mean just build it outside, right? Not leave it there? I wouldn't worry about it as long as it isn't raining too hard. Just be sure to give it a good once over with canned air before applying power to make sure it's clean and dry.
  5. Gotta watch out for the ANTS . buddy of mine had his gfx card taken off by them . Course he blamed the mosquitoes . They big enough round here to have carried it off .

    So keep a sharp eye out for those pesky critters . never know when they may need some new parts.

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