5970 64-bit won't boot

Fresh install freezes at the windows logo. Computer boots fine until I install the ATI Catylist drivers, then it freezes every time just before the login screen.

I have tried different versions of the catlyst software all have the same effect.

I can boot the computer with Vista basic and Win7 32-bit versions fine. It is just the 64-bit that doesn't work. Safe mode works in 64-bit.

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  1. It crashing at the windows logo? It doesn't even make it into windows?

    Everyone have been getting trouble with low idle clocks on the 5970. That can be fixed by manually setting the clocks higher in CCC or flashing the BIOS. But in your situation you don't even make it into windows to load drivers.

    Maybe you should RMA the card on the off chance flashing the card does nothing but void your warranty.
  2. It seems ok now. I let windows install all availible updates before attepting the CCC driver.
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