Old IBM-DHAA-2540 (540MB) won't power on

There seems to be some excellent knowledge on this forum about fixing broken HDD. You guys are my last hope before resorting to those expensive recovery specialist.

I have an old IBM-DHAA-2540 (P/N 84G2983) that won't power on. It's from an old external case for the parallel port, and should contain much of the code I produced as a kid.
Unfortunately it does not show any sign of live. The LED on my IDE 2.5 to USB connector does not even power on. Other old drives with a higher current drain are working with that adapter, and spin up in the old parallel port case. So I strongly suspect that the PCB is gone. Replacements for this particular model do not seem to hard to find and I'm willing to try a switch.
I read in many other cases, that manufactures at some point started to write geometry information of specifics drive into a ROM on the board, but I could not find any information on when they started doing this. Is that already the case for this drive, or is this still a good old one size fits all PCB? Any other tips?

Thank you very much!

Link to pictures:
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  1. if you only connect the power does it spin up?
  2. Thanks, but 2.5 IDE has a 44 pin connector that includes power, so I could only do that by building a special connector.
  3. with this old of a drive you should not have a problem changing the PCB.

    if I remember this right they did not start storing harddrive info on the PCB until drives became bigger than 100GB
  4. Thanks, I think I'll try it.
  5. There are two white, 2 amp Littelfuse fuses (F1 and F2) on either side of the 69G1084 chip in the top left corner of the PCB, near the IDE connector. I can't see where F1 goes, but F2 appears to be connected to the +5V supply pins (IDE pins 41 and 42).


    There also appears to be a diode (D3?) near F2. I would measure both fuses and the diode. Let us know what you find.

    BTW, a digital multimeter can be purchased for US$5.

    Cen-Tech 90899 7 Function Digital Multimeter (US$5):
  6. Thanks! I'll do that after the weekend as I'm not home right now. I was skeptical about the fuses, but thought it would be visible if they blew.
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