Help, wireless router working properly but no internet connection


Is my router broken?(need to be replaced?)

I am already using this router for about 2 yrs. Now suddenly, I lost internet connection and windows says no internet access (using windows 7). now I restarted the router and modem but still no internet. I then thought the there may be a problem with the ISP, but then i connected the modem directly to my pc (stand alone, not through the router)and there was internet.

I have reset and re configure the router a dozen times already but still no luck. Does this mean my router is already broken?
I am having doubt because the wireless network is working properly ( i can access files through the wireless network) and other device can connect to the wireless network, but no internet connection.

What shall i do? I have exhausted all my options.. :))

THX :)
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  1. Try hard wiring your computer directly to one of the router's rear Ethernet outlets. This will bypass the wireless portion. Check internet connectivity. Next check for WPA/WPA2 security.

    My desktop (Win 7) is configured to connect automatically, but my laptop Win XP) has to be manually connected using the set password.
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