How to use a usb mic with creative titanium sound card

I have a Samson Go-mic that is USB, it records sound but have no sound when I try to play it back. My sound card does not have a USB port so I am using an on board port.

Greg Newgent
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  1. The USB mic will ignore your X-Fi completely and is a separate device in Windows. Are you sure it's recording? How are you trying to play it back? Do other sounds play correctly?
  2. Yes all other sounds play correctly, I am trying to narrate a video using video editing software( Magix movie edit pro 15) it actually gives me a wave form on my audio track but will not play.

    Greg Newgent
  3. Can you play back recordings made in other software, like sound recorder or whatever? Maybe it's the way your editing software is configured...?
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