PSU is it enogh power?

Dual Core E6300 2,80GHz + Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2

DDR2 2GB PC800 Transcend,



DVDRW Sony/Optiarc AD-5240S-0B

SD Card Reader Spire RD332CB

1x rear Case fan

The PSU is 420Watt, is that enogh for what i'm runing or should i consider buying more powerfull PSU?
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  1. Hello DJready;

    What make and model is the PSU?
    It should have more than enough power to run all your parts.
  2. This is interesting - and not very good news for you. You'll need to seriously think about replacing your PSU.

    If the people over @ Guru3D are correct:
    Jewel Black SP-ATX-420WTB-PFC-1 has only about ~15Amps +12V.

    That is really low (and I mean REALLY low) amount of +12V power for a 420W PSU. Something we'd expect to see in a 300W PSU. For a decent 420W PSU we'd expect to see 24Amps or higher for +12V.

    Here is a budget $25 300W PSU: FSP Group ATX300-PA 300W
    And it has 22Amps of +12V. (12V1+12V2=264watts Max / 264watts divided by 12volts = 22Amps)
  3. The Corsair CX400 will be able to handle your rig adequately.. Don't count on your current PSU.. WR2 has explained everything properly anyway..
  4. uhm, i just wonder why does most PSU that are even 500 or 600 watts have 15-18Amps +12?

    Where i live that Crosair CX400 is 76 euro/96$
  5. DJready said:
    uhm, i just wonder why does most PSU that are even 500 or 600 watts have 15-18Amps +12?
    Likely you're not reading the data label correctly.
    What is your budget for a replacement PSU?

    Can you find an Antec EA-380D for a decent price? It has 28Amps +12V.
  6. Don't forget you can look up the the +12V total power for lots of different PSUs in that link in my 2nd post.
    --> Guru3D: PSU Max Combined 12v Ratings
  7. I would recommend getting at least a 650w or 850w and any Ultra or Silverstone Stryder 650-850 will work.

    I recommend Silverstone and Ultra for anyone that is into PC gaming.
  8. no i can't find that PSU where i live

    This is one of the shops here maybe you can find a decent one?
  9. Any more online stores you can shop from? Not a lot of options at that site.

    SilverStone SST-ST50F-ES 500W and 34Amps +12V is reasonably good PSU.

    The LC Power 'Silent Giants' are mostly made by Huntkey - definitely stay away from those.

    Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500 review is just a bit below average quality. Something less than 30amps +12V, probably 25Amps would be a good guess.
  10. whell there is this one but anything more than 40 euro is too much for me atm.
  11. ThermalTake Litepower 400W ~19Amps - another disappointment.

    be quiet! Pure Power L7 350W has ~25Amps but is just over your budget.
    Is this German review it got a "Very Good" rating.
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