Pc keeps rebooting before bios

Hello everyone,
Im desperate for help !!! I have an asus m4a98td, 965 be, 2 gtx460, 4gb gskillz, cooler master v6gt and an ultra x 850w psu. I pulled the battery to reset my cmos which i have done a few times before and now the pc keeps rebooting before bios posts and gets stuck in a bootloop. I have taken the pc apart and rebuilt it step by step and it just keeps doing the same thing. I do not know what to do next.
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  1. Is this a new system?

    If not:
    1) Has it ever posted?
    2) Can you remember any changes that may have cause this issue - including hardware and software?
  2. Yes it postes two days when I last tried to use it. It is a freshly built pc a week old. Tried my friends psu and it still did it so psu is off my list.
  3. Argh nightmare!

    Try removing extra hardware to see if you can manage to get it to boot. I.e. only have the essentials plugged in - one stick of RAM and the graphics card. Remove all extra PCI(e), USB, optical and storage devices.

    Would your friend be able to help you out some more by borrowing some of his hardware? Perhaps even him letting you test out some of your hardware in his machine? This will let you rule out which components are functioning correctly.
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