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I have a quick question, I was looking at the benchmarks from the Core i5 760(which look great, comparing to the i7) and the Core i7 860.

I game very much , multitasking almost never.

Which one should I choose, is the extra €50 worth it to buy the 860?
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  1. Hello Maxie1992;

    I don't believe the i7 860 is worth that much extra for a gaming build.
    You'd be better off spending that extra €50 on upgrading the video card.
  2. Oke, my GPU is 2x ATI RADEON 5770 crossfire.

    But my CPU is lacking in the processor department, right now i have a Q8300 from Intel.
    I notice it in Mafia 2 when I have huge explosion.

    So the Intel i5 760? or the 860?
  3. Upgrade from a Q8300 to i5-760? Not so fast.
    Have you thought about overclocking the Q8300?
  4. Hmmm, strange, I just looked at with a benchmark with Farcry 2 at HIGH and was extremely better than the Q8300(was way beneath the i5 760)

    Overclocking? No, actually not.
  5. Quote:
    Overclocking? No, actually not.
    Any reason why not?
    You should be able to get something very near (or even better than!) i5-760 performance without buying a new CPU, MB and RAM.
  6. Well, I have a Classic Series MB and 3 gb of Memory.

    I just ordered a GIGABYTE GA-P55-USB3 MB with 6gb GeIl memory Latency 6,0.

    My processor (the new one 760) scores well better than the q8300

    Thanks in advance
  7. Oke, but my main question is if i should pick the i7 860 or the i5 760?

    The Q8300 is not a good processor compared to those 2.
  8. Read my first reply.
  9. :P okay, but mu GPU's are good(2 x HD5770 1GB)

    But the processor?would it be a 760 or a 860? what would you choose:D?
  10. Read my first reply.

    For GPUs - check that link to the Mafia II GPU & CPU Performance report.
  11. It looks like Mafia II doesn't support Crossfire or SLI.
    Which means you can look at the single HD 5770 charts to get an idea where your video card performance should fall.
    This game is really heavily skewed to Nvidia video cards due to it's use of Agea Physx

    The CPU is also heavily impacted by Agea Physx settings.

    Mafia II review @ HardwareCanuks
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