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I have a problem with my newly built system. I have an Asus P8P67 m/b with an Intel i5 2500k 4Gb DDR-3 RAM, a Crucial C300 64Gb SSD & Spinpoint 500Gb HD. The problem is that when it boots up it spends about 3.5 minutes hanging on the BIOS splash screen before it finally boots into Windows 7 (64-bit). Once running everything works OK.
I have flashed the latest version of the BIOS (1401), I have no other boot devices.
Anybody any thoughts as to why it should take so long to boot up ?
thanks for your help

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    Q - What changes have you made to the BIOS e.g. AHCI, etc.
    Q - What SATA Ports are being used with what?

    Next, check the version of firmware on the C300 -> update if needed. However, you might need to reinstall the OS; you've been warned.

    If you switched to AHCI then see this link to check the registry -> ; note you don't always get an error message...
  2. Jaquith

    Thanks for your reply. Here are my answers :

    I've made no changes to the BIOS - using default settings only.
    I'm using the 6Gb Intel ports for the SSD and the HD.

    The firmware for the C300 is the latest revision - 0006.

    I tried the registry fix & it still hangs on the BIOS splash for 3/4 mins before booting up

    Can you suggest anything more pls

  3. Move the C300 to the Intel SATA2 ports. If it boots fine then move back to the SATA3 port; this will reinitialize the Drivers. Next if failure, you'll need to delete the driver manually in the Device Manager and restart.
  4. Jaquith

    I tried moving the C300 to the SATA2 port, booting, moving them back to the SATA3 but it did not work.

    If I remove the driver manually using Device Manager does this mean a re-install, or just a restart/reboot ?

    Thanks for your help

  5. Quote:
    restart/reboot ?

    Thankfully just reboot, it reinstalls the Driver and rewrites the registry values {e.g. can correct corruption of either driver or registry}.
  6. Jaquith

    Unfortunately that had no effect either. It's still hanging on the BIOS splash screen for 3-4 minutes & then it boots in & all works OK.

    Any more thoughts ?

  7. If it seems not to be the SSD. Next is more complex to determine.

    Short of a full breadboard:
    * BIOS Load Defaults
    * 1 Stick of RAM in the 2nd DIMM Slot from the CPU
    * Remove all of the Front Panel and USB Panel connections
    * Disconnect ALL peripherals including Keyboard and Mouse; anything USB.
    * Unscrew the MOBO and PCIe screw, dangle the MOBO supported by a towel.

    Use either a screwdriver or wire and short the PWR+ and PWR- {Ground}.

    'Guessing' is impossible, the source problem needs to be identified.
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