Yeah, I'm awesome - $700 Gaming Computer

Just a simple everyday workstation and gaming computer for my brother. We already have a ATI 5770 video card and monitor.

New build without video card - Max. $500. I spent over 3 hours finding decent combo deals.

Here's my first suggested build list (uses DDR2 RAM):

Here's my second suggested build list (uses DDR3 RAM and better PSU):

What do you think? Did I do good?
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  1. It doesn't seem real good for the price, but that's just my first impression. It will have to be build 2 as the HEC PSU is junk...

    This being the 2nd of July, you might want to wait a few days. newegg tends to reset the combo deals at the first of the month and it takes a while for them to regenerate.
  2. Thanks, I'll try again in a few days :)
  3. 1st build : hell no! Fresh builds these days very little reason to go DDR2 platforms
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