Can you use nvidia SLI on an AMD motherboard?

I was looking at a motherboard with AMD 890FX North bridge, and AMD SB850 South bridge. Can I still do Nvidia graphics in SLI mode, or does it HAVE to be an ATI set?
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    You will not be able to use SLI with that motherboard. You need currently a Nvidia 980a motherboard or Nvidia 750a motherboard for SLI.

    It looks like the new AM3+ motherboards will have SLI support on the FX boards based on current news. If you are wanting to run SLI now, I would look at a Sandy Bridge setup (though I've heard there may be another issue with them :( ) or wait for the AM3+ boards to be released.
  2. Yes you certainly can! It is feasible....well..I'm lying a can run sli on the board but only with an sli hack... speculation has it (or it may be confirmed now) that the new AMD motherboards will come with sli, thats something to look forward to..
  3. So basically, at this time, it's unknown for sure? And Negaduck rules
  4. Very few AMD boards will allow for sli..but they do exist..but, the sli hack for the motherboards work as well..but, that's something you may want to do at your own risk..

    And yes, Negaduck is the effin man!
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