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Hello,i shut down my computer(brand new, assembled) and now it won't start-up. the power button on motherboard lits up, but on pressing switch-on button on cabinet, nothing happens. there is moisture on fans of socket & cabinet fan along with condensate. which hardware might have failed? also, any remedy?
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  1. Why would there be moisture? Are you using water cooling?

    Go through each step in this troubleshooting thread:

    Then report back all of your system specs and your results at each step in the thread.
  2. Update 1:- I just assembled this desktop 3 months back, cabinet is HAF - 822. I shut-it down normally before sleeping, but it wouldn't start in the morning. I stay bang opposite the sea, i.e. arabian sea and so we lots n lots of moist breeze day n night, though i do keep the window closed. I opened the cabinet, and did find moisture on the blades of ALL FANS i.e. cabinet fan(3), hd5850 fan, intel PCU fan. i wiped it off. even used a blower. i even tried reseting RAM's, htough i did not touch other wirings as i am not expert at it.

    Desktop still not starting. Any suggestions how to start it, plus reasons why it won;t start would be appreciated.

    o yeah, most importantly, POWER button on my Giagabyte Mobo is SWITCHED ON BLUE LED), power is coming in lan wire and USB mouse.

    Update 2:- Exams on, so can't go to my hardware guy.

    2 days back, desktop automaticallly started, however i could not switch it off using the on/off button of cabinet. i switched off the main power plug, but it wouldn't start again. ALso, nothing was displaying on LCD screen from desktop, though lcd is working fine( tested on laptop).

    now today when i get upp from sleep, i see that cmoputer has again started automatically, i only left main power ON( but removed other USB cables which i had done 2 days back also). This time, the initial screen is coming on LCD displaying options for POST<bios menu, etc. Howeverr my keyboard is USB based, and nothing as such happens regarding pressing f9 , etc. i see that all hardware on motherboard is runing, proc,gpu, cabinet fans....

    any clue wts happening ? weird.

    Update 3:- the computer switches ON automatically only when all USB plugs and lcd wire are unplugged from cabinet. i have left it ON for 1 day now, same thing. sometimes the motherboard(default)screen appears on LCD, other time lcd says no input from system.
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