Desktop not switching on

I shut down my computer properly yesterday night. in morning, when i try to switch it on, the power LED on motherboard LITS up ( meaning power reaching mobo i guess) but when i press Switch-On button of Cabinet, nothing happens.

Observations:- I stay bang opposite to sea in mumbai, and with all the wind, there was moisture on socket fan,fin and cabinet fan and gpu fan. there was also muddy residue with moisture.

desktop was assembled 3 months ago.

What could be hardware that could have malfunctioned?

remedy, which does not involve me shelling out money( which i will nevertheless if nothing works).
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  1. 1 thing makes me ponder, the computer did not have any problem till it was running non-stop week in week out. even on re-starting after a 1 hr gap. only when i shut it down for 6 hrs, did it start fuking up.
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