Nvidia GTS 250 w/ 1x6 Pin instead of 2x6 Pin Connector

Hi All,

I recently ordered a Nvidia GTS 250 graphics card from newegg:


However, it was supposed to have 2x 6 Pin connectors as pictured but the one I got only has a 1x 6 Pin connector...will that cause a limitation on the card or...?

I'd like to play around with some overclocking but it'd only be minimal...basically the max I could do with the stock cooler.
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  1. Have you checked it's clock speeds to make sure they match the ones of the card you thought you were going to get from the postie?
  2. The clock speeds did match...everything looks the same with the exception of the 6 pin connectors.
  3. Well the 8800GTS had only one 6 pin connector and the GTS250 is just a version of that card with Hybrid power functions and a 55nm GPU so it should be OK.
  4. It's odd that the image depicted on NewEgg shows 2x6pin connectors. But I really don't think the GTS250 needs that kind of power input to begin with. My old 8800GTS certainly didn't. And as mousemonkey stated, the GTS250 is a redesigned 8800GTS G92 essentially.

    You should be good to go. :)
  5. Yeah, the reviews were mixed but after the promo code and the rebate it ended up being about $73 so I thought I'd give it a try. It runs flawlessly but I wasn't sure if I'd be missing some extra needed power for overclocking without the second 6 pin connector.
  6. So the consensus is that I don't need the extra connector....that is good because I really like the card and don't want to have to go through the formality of a RMA....though Newegg was ready to give me a full refund and pay for my return shipping. Does anyone know of a better deal for the same price??

    Thank you for all your replies!
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