New computer 32gb msata ssd with srt and 2tb hdd help please

First post here guys looks a very nice forum :)

Have just got a all in one with a 2tb hd and a 32gb cache srt drive.


Would it be worth erasing the ssd and puting windows on it?

I wouldnt be able to take system apart so wouls have to swap.image over and its set to raid now or just leave it as it is?

Also iv seen ssd die after a while without trim would this be the case with me or do intels drivers do it??

I plan on keeping all storage on my 2tb drive either way..

Thanks guys ian
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  1. I suggest that you just use that 32Gb cache drive as it is, install windows (or linux) onto the 2Tb hard disk, and if you must partition the drive.

    If it was my setup I would partition the drive so that the system/boot partition is between 200 and 400Gb and once windows is installed format up the second partition with the rest of the disk space.
    The reason why I say this is so that all your data files can be placed on the second partition and should you need to install windows at any time you should have all your valuable data on the second partition.

    If you are installing windows 7 it will enable trim for you when you have an ssd, it did for me for the last 10 windows 7 professional installs I have done (2 of these were my own computers).

    Cheers Eddie
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