ATI Radeon HD 5870 or NVIDIA GTX 470?

I am going to be building a PC in the coming month, and I was curious to know what your ideas were on this choice. I've been doing some research, and for now, it seems like the 5870 outperforms the GTX 470. However, I know that NVIDIA just recently released drivers that increase the performance of the GTX cards by 5-10%, in addition to the GTX cards having improved tessellation. This only makes the decision harder, so any help the community can give will be great.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The drivers are not that significant. The 5870 is a flat out better card and would perform better.

    I would get the 5870 because of lower power and heat and better performance.

    Of course there is a price difference. If you are willing to buy either card. Go for the 5870.
  2. If SLI was a consideration for a future upgrade, avoid the 470 for now, as a current rumor includes the 470 being discontinued.

    Personally, I would chose the ATI card, preferably a non-reference cooler version (am liking the Gigabytes ATM) mostly because I am very comfortable with ATI and the card has proven itself. That being said, the 470 is my second choice, as a good lower power/lower price option to the 480, and is certainly comparable price/perf to a 5870.

    Tessellation will be more important in the future than it is now, so in the long run the 4xx's value may be greater realized.
  3. If GPU tessellation turns out to be as important and widely implemented as some companies would like us to think it should have been a while ago then the 470 is the better bet as it is not restricted by it's hardware as much.
  4. 5870 is way better in terms of power consumption and heat. But on the other hand if tesselation does grow important in the future as it looks like, you may as well go for the 470. Anyway i would suggest the 5870 'cause i'd never want a heli' buzzing under my desk
  5. This driver release is SIGNIFICANT, :), its making a fast card. Awesome. Both are easily fast enough for 1080P gaming, ATI offers eyefinity, Nvidia has their version and a whole other bag of tricks.

    SLI enhancements
    As a special perk for NVIDIA’s SLI customers, the 256-series offers several improvements to the performance and image quality of these configurations. Three-way SLI owners, for example, can enable an outrageous 48x anti-aliasing mode. GTX 400-series customers can kick that dial higher to a whopping 96x. SLI users can also get their hands on better occlusion settings, which should work to punch up the accuracy and quality of a game’s lighting.

    As the crowning achievement, multi-GPU owners can finally dictate exactly which GPU runs CUDA applications or serves as the system’s dedicated PhysX PPU. These users also have one-touch access to maximum performance settings, which gangs the GPUs together and sends them on their way.

  6. The ATI 5870 is better than the GTX470 in many real world gaming applications. However, as is mentioned by others, when Tessellation really kicks in, and nVidia has more time to optimize drivers, I think we're going to get more bang for our buck out of the GTX 470 than we're getting now. That's always how GPUs work upon release.

    The GTX 470 is noisier, and hotter. Price wise, they're not too far apart. But I think the GTX 470 is cheaper than the ATi 5870 @ NewEgg anyhow. $350 vs $400 I think?
  7. Yeah, the GTX 470 is $350. I think I might go with the HD 5870, as stated before, it's proven itself, and I'd rather not risk betting on whether or not tesselation becomes a big deal in the future.
  8. cacto said:
    Yeah, the GTX 470 is $350. I think I might go with the HD 5870, as stated before, it's proven itself, and I'd rather not risk betting on whether or not tesselation becomes a big deal in the future.

    Unless someone introduces something better than Tessellation soon, that will already work with DX10 or DX11, I can't see why Tessellation won't catch on. It actually adds visual eye candy that's noticeable if done correctly. PC gamers are all about graphics quality, that's why they play on a PC and not an XBOX or PS3.
  9. cacto said:
    I'd rather not risk betting on whether or not tesselation becomes a big deal in the future.

    I seem to recall prospective 8800GTX owners saying similar as a reason not to get a 2xxx ATi card a few years back and they were proved right in the end so...
  10. that is your choice now. See:-
    THere are rumours that Tesellation will go stronger and more bang than ever.
    You dont have a magic crystal ball and you dont know if that is true.

    Now if I were you i d go right away on the 5870 coz:-

    1.It has proven itself
    2.It produces less heat,noise and more performance as compared to 470
    3.I never rely on something that is GOING TO HAPPEN. I rely on what
    ALREADY HAS HAPPENED. I mean can you tell the future??? The Answer is NO
    so why rely on something that you yourself are unsure of.
  11. I agree with the others, a 5870 is a better choice if you can afford it.
  12. To the OP:
    5870 it is... and don't even think about 470 having 3D. It still does not matter and comparatively expensive to fully enjoy...
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