Any1 heard of this 3TB HDD

Hi, today I bought myself this cheapest 3TB HDD. But never heard the brand before so just to be safe I'm asking if anyone heard of this brand before and if anyone have used it before.

The name is Mediamax

there's a number on it but don't know what number this is, but I think it's a serial number

capacity 3TB

Any comment appreciated!

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    It looks like a relabeled WD Green WD30EZRX.
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  3. Why you would buy some brand X product for something as important as a HDD and they ask if you did the right thing after the fact.
  4. The WD30EZRX is a 5400 RPM drive whereas the WL3000GSA6472 is advertised as 7200 RPM.

    I would compare your drive's benchmark against the following:

    Notice that the spread of data points in the access time graph is about 11 msec. That's the time for one complete revolution at 5400 RPM ("IntelliPower").

    I would also examine the 2060-xxxxxx and 2061-xxxxxx numbers on the PCB. These are WD's part numbers and should help you confirm whether your drive is in fact a Caviar Green or a Black.
  5. Mediamax is an authorised Service Partner of Wester Digital. The Western Digital Hard Drives were professionally and generally repaired by Mediamax own brand and represented at the market. We are not dealing with No Name hard drives, but with generally repaired Western Digital HDD. Visually and technically HDDs looking like new, all HDDs aresealed in an antistatic tape.

    Possibly REFURBISHED???

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