Graphics Card ?

Will only be using one graphics card. Need anymore info just ask.

For WoW, and newer games, will do on lower graphic options for more fps.
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  1. The 240 is the better choice between the two. Since it is a low power requirement card, as long as you have a PCI-E slot on your motherboard, it should work.
  2. Jofa's right, the 15 extra bucks with lower power requirements, memory that's 2-3 times faster and 3 times more stream processors will net you a lot more performance for the money.


    For 5 more bucks you can add another 512 mb onto that for this:

    The xfx cards also have a lifetime warranty, just make sure to register your product if you buy it for the warranty to be honored : )
  3. Quote:

    Umm.... "The XFX is an overpriced POS" I believe those were your words. :pt1cable:
  4. Tim, let's try to be objective for the OP's sake. Additionally, you are correct in that DDR5 is better, however I was not sure on yo_yo's budget or power supply or other components. It may be a moot point to suggest a higher end video card when it wouldn't give much of a performance boost.
  5. My apologies, I through the "psu" in there, however my point remains that a faster video card could be bottlenecked by CPU limitations or other hardware.

    Yo_Yo, what hardware are you specifically running in total? Motherboard, Power Supply, CPU, RAM, and OS?
  6. Amd Phenom II BE 945. DDR3 1600. Windows 7 64 bit. PSU will depend on graphics card + mobo. *new build*
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