Intel pc for games ?

my question - my current pc is garbage 2.2 amd vnidia 8400. 2xddr2 6400. i thought it was time to come forward a little as i like gaming - i dont care about maxed settings medium will do for me . budget yes . bout 500 quid .

would this rig be enough to play todays games
on reasonable settings

+ if u had a budget of say 100 quid ish for a graphics card what u recomend.

finaly ive always run xp corporate with sp 1

with a new system with sp 1/2/3 can i use dx 10/11 ?

final question - would that quad core be worth over clocking - added - i no nothing of over clocking .

ty - bryan
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  1. no bec it doesn't have a video card
    no xp can't run dx10 or dx11 it only runs dx9
    for gaming ypu will not see a big difference unless it's a cpu hungry game like gta iv and also the stock cooler sucks

    OK, first thing, DON'T BUY FROM DELL, HP, TOSHIBA, ETC. If you are serious about gaming, either build it yourself, get someone else to do it for you like a computer shop, or get it from ibuypower.

    I would recommend an ATI 5770 for around 100 quid.
  3. i no the setup doesnt have a video card - hence if u read my post
    which u didnt i asked - what could i use for about 100 pounds with it

    whats wrong with this rig

    * Intel i5 Quad Core 750 2.66Ghz
    * Asrock H55M Pro (Skt 1156)
    * 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 Dual Channel Kit
    * Coolermaster Elite 330 + 600w PSU

    all i asked was would this play games u post no
    a quad core 2.6 wont play games ? read the post
    not what u think i posted
  4. i said recomend a card for around 100 quid that would work
    reasonably with it i perfer nvidia
  5. TomTomz
    build it from a shop if u read the link in my first post
    the rig is from a pc shop
  6. the i5 is a a good gaming processor. If you really want nvidia, get a gt 260. The 5770 is cheaper and performs better. If you want to save money, get the 5750 and overclock it.

    EDIT: The 5770 may or may not perform better then the 260, it depends on what its doing. BUT the 5770 and 5750 has dx11
  7. well as ive always used single core this is my first forage
    into duel or maybe quad .
    as im not one of thoes guys who demmands max settings
    aa to the max ect as im quite happy running a game on
    medium settings.

    games i wanna play such as deus ex 3 - mass effect 2 - bio shock 2 -
    so is a quad over board for these games

    and the rig i posted above and yes i no i need a card for it.
    is the rig good enough for that purpose ?

    link to actual model

    * Intel i5 Quad Core 750 2.66Ghz
    * Asrock H55M Pro (Skt 1156)
    * 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 Dual Channel Kit
    * Coolermaster Elite 330 + 600w PSU

    what does the guy mean the stock cooler
    sucks .. does he mean the fan for the processor ?
  8. Yes, he means the fan for the processor. If you can, get a cooler master hyper 212. There like $30 (american) and they have a lot of value. That computer can run a single 5770 or 260 very easily and you shouldnt have any problems. A quad core might be a bit overboard, but it will be good for multitasking also. If you want to save money, an athlon ii x3 440 is a good choice. I have this paired with a gt 240 and it can run whatever I want on medium/high settings.
  9. i dont do videos or editing just like most people
    i play the odd game - watch the odd utube vid
    listen to music thats it realy ....
    i guess im seeking advise on a rig that will play
    games for couple of yrs .
  10. ps the first rig -- i didnt see a pricessor fan in the info page
    did u
  11. Processors come with heatsink fans, they just generally arent very good. Thats what the guy was saying. Buy an aftermarket one like the hyper 212 plus. If you want a rig for gaming for a couple years, get a HD 5850. Thats a very powerful card and can run everything. It should last you a couple years. But they are pretty expensive. If all you want is medium settings, the 5770 will do fine for a couple years. I payed $80 for my gt 240 and love it. I'm like you, I dont care how high the settings are. Also, what is your monitor resolution? My monitor has a low resolution so that also helps with game fFPS. I dont know how long the gt 240 will be a decent card, though.
  12. me i use 1024 - 768
    thats why im torn between

    # Intel i5 Quad Core 750 2.66Ghz
    # Asrock H55M Pro (Skt 1156)
    # 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 Dual Channel Kit


    # Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 2.6ghz Processor
    # Biostar G31-M7 TE Motherboard with On-Board Video & Sound
    # Kingston 1GB DDR2 PC6400 (800mhz) Memory

    but i no the quad can be over clocked to 3.8 but over clocking
    again is smomething i no nothing about
  13. i use nvidia not ati
  14. You may be nVidia biased, but that doesnt always mean your getting better things for your money. If your determined to buy an nvidia card, get the gtx 260. That should run anything you want on max settings with your resolution. Im at 1268x 1024 (not sure about the first number but the second one is right) and I can run anything I want at high-max settings with a gt 240. If you really want the best bang for your buck, build it yourself. I could put together a great build for your budget.
  15. Also, you might want to consider AMD. The 955 BE is a great gaming processor and is easily overclocked. Since the current intel sockets are going away and the amd am3 sockets arent, AMD is more upgradeable in the future.
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