Game Issues with 9800GTX

Hi, I was just wondering if the 9800GTX should be up to 80C while running a game? The game is Dragon Age: Origins, and it gets that hot even when I turn the fan on 100 through EVGA Precision.
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  1. With the fan at 100% is not normal, if is not overclocked.

    I have the card myself, and never went up 80c over 45% fan on automatic setting.
  2. I used to have a 9800 gx2 (two 9800's in SLi in one case for one slot) and they only reached about 80c on load at 100% fan speed so something definitely seems wrong.

    Make sure all your different fans are working (GPU fan and Case fans) for adequate air flow. Also be sure to clean out the card via Compressed Air in case there's dust blocking up the vents.
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