I had someone come to remove a virus and now I can't open any .exe fil

I can\'t open any of my Microsoft Office files or open any new downloads. For example I can go into my documents, open an original file from any software, then selecect "new page" and work from there, but I can\'t open (Mic Office/power point/excell etc..) from their icons
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  1. oky man there maybe 2 kinds of problems which may or may not be its solution but any way please try it for checking
    Problem solution 1:-
    first make sure that the ms office you have installed in your system is not corrupt if it is then remove it and install fresh one from another disk or something
    problem solution 2:-
    try to change you operating system (windows) because it will be infected by viruses and that thing would be preventing you from opening the office file
  2. when opening a file what error you got?
  3. This is the result of the virus and can be fixed multiple ways. Here is Microsoft's manual fix. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555067

    Here is another Microsoft link that might be able to fix your problem for you.

    Good luck.
  4. When you say it would work when you click the icon, do you mean the shortcut icon to the program or the icon for the words/excel/powerpoint file?

    Well anyway, if it is the program shortcut icon, then there is a target problem with the shortcut.

    Right click on the shortcut>properties and change the target to the programs current installation path.

    If it is a file shortcut, sounds like a file association problem.

    Right click on the words, excel, power point icon and select open with>default program

    Select the program it should be open with (may not be in the recommend program list and so you may have to click the browse button to look for the program). Tick always use the the selected program to open this kind of file. Ok.


    You can just pop the Office installation disc in and do a repair installation.
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