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Ozc agility 3 question?

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August 30, 2012 3:00:01 PM

hey guys i have a ocz agitily 3 ssd and upon doing a crystal disk benchmark i found my drive was only running half of what it should be i did some looking around and found an old thread from toms hardware about this and they were saying use atto which i have and now the score is higher but is this right?

i have a crossahiar v motherboard and the ports are all meant to be sata 6gb so im gussing changing the ports around aint going to make any difference? if the atto is right then how come crystal disk is so far out i mean on youtube people on there are using it and get the right score the ssd should be running at so what makes my system any different?

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August 30, 2012 3:20:03 PM

i have just try these on my hp envy 17 laptop aswell which also has a sandisk extreme 120gb ssd in it and got these scores

so are they right? are they not meant to be 520mb read/write speeds?
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August 30, 2012 5:50:44 PM

1ST there is the difference between advertisement speed (ATTO) and the real world speed (AS-SSD run Incompressible data). Because company want to make the SSD look good, they use the ATTO to run the benchmark.

Agility 3 is not a real SATAIII SSD which use the asynchronous ONFi NAND. That means it is like the SATAII SSD.

And back to you question, when look at your benchmarks you find both of them is same in the crystal disk benchmark. Because the laptop only supports the SATAII port( SATAIII SSD in the SATAII port), so it is as same as the OZC SSD is in the SATAIII port(SATAII SSD in the SATAIII port).

For the ATTO, you can see the numbers are right. OZC SSD has the ~550MB/s in read and ~500MB/s in write.

Check out the link from OZC

The Sandisk has only SATA II port number for the benchmark.

Also try to run the AS-SSD, to see more detail like the firmware for your OZC (it should be V2.22), alignment for the amd ahci or msahci.

If you use the AMD ahci, I will recommend you use the msahci (default) by try to uninstall the AMD one.
Someone had been try this before