Im looking for a new X58 board, this board needs to support up a a tri SLI/CF Config with double slot spacing between the cards that will fit in a standard 7slot chassis. Also the PCIe x16 need to be atleast 8x electrical. Im exluding DFI as they seem to be a dying company.

So far I know of:

Asus -Rampage III Extreme £323.32 Scan
Asus -P6T6 WS Revolution £262.22 Scan
Asus -P6T7 WS Professional £359.75 Scan

MSI -Eclipse Plus £241.52 Scan

Gygabyte -GA-X58A-UD9 £465.99 Scan

EVGA -X58 SLI Need to find UK Reseller
EVGA -X58 FTW3 Need to find UK Reseller
EVGA -X58 SLI Classified Need to find UK Reseller
EVGA -X58 Classified4-Way SLI £398.52 Scan

XFX -X58I-CH19 £193.84 Scan

ASRock -X58 Deluxe £163.76 Ebuyer

Am I missing any?

Ta all
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  1. Doesn't the ASUS P6X58D Premium have double slot spacing, as well?? Also, doesn't MSI have a new X58 motherboard called the"Big Bang", which has the double slot spacing.
  2. Yes, but the 'BigBang' is 8 4 4 8 4 4 electrical and the P6X58D is 16 8 8 using 7th and 8th expansion slots.
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