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I currently have a Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic sound card with 5.1 speakers plugged into it. The sound works great for things with surround sound but how can I make it play music files out of my 2 rear speakers. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. You need to either enable some sort of "Speaker Fill" option (To copy the front speaker input to the rears), or use some form of audio upmixing (Via CMSS3D) to upmix the 2.0 audio tracks.
  2. Where would I find that option? That's what I've been seeing over other forums but I've tried looking through all my settings and can't find it
  3. After messing around with settings for a few hours I finally found out how to do it. In the Creative Audio Console in Entertainment Mode under X-Fi CMSS 3-D click surround and turn it to Stero Xpand and move the slider all the way down to surround.
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