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I have a new computer with Realtec HD Audio, however, I do not have hd speakers, just the normal ones that plug into the green I/O on front of case. I have no audio. Do I need to buy an audio card, or how do I resolve this?
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  1. You do not need new speakers. Realtek ports are software configurable. There should be an application on your PC that drives the Realtec ports. There should also be ports on the back of your PC. You may want to try those instead of the ports on the front. Open you Realtec software, you should be able to search for it in your Windows start menu. Double check that the green port is set for 2 or 2.1 speaker output and not set up for something else like Mic or Rear speakers. The software also should have a test button. In the extreem case that you have no software or drivers, they can be found on Realtek's web site. Good Luck.
  2. Thank You for your help. I hate to admit it, but the green audio out port on the front does not work. It's a new computer so I didn't consider the possibility that it was defective. I tried the audio out port on the back of the computer and now have audio. Thanks again for your help.
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