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I just ordered a new card because my current card has been overheating for the last few months.

I think I found what was the problem while I was cleaning the dust inside my PC earlier today.
I found a little broken piece from my video card inside my PC.
It's a little grey cylinder with those inscriptions:

I'm just curious to know if this is what is causing my card to overheat?
Also, would the card work again if I could weld this part on the card at the right spot?

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  1. The first thing that comes to mind is "Capacitor". From Wikipedia:

    "Capacitors are widely used in electronic circuits to block the flow of direct current while allowing alternating current to pass, to filter out interference, to smooth the output of power supplies"

    If a capacitor broke off, it could be that too much electricity is flowing through causing overheating issues, but by NO means am I a friggen electrical engineer so I could just be talking out of my bum based on 30 seconds of wikipedia knowledge XD
  2. If you lost a capacitor something else is likely going to go bad. Losing a cap should not cause over heating though, likely graphical artifacts due to bad power control. The overheating is likely a bad cooler application or the cooler filling up with dust. What are the full specs of your system?

    You probably dont have the ability to solder the capacitor into the right spot, and the capacitor may not have even come from your graphics card, likely not because i doubt it would work if it had. How hot is your card getting and are you getting any graphical indication of overheating?
  3. My system is an old DELL XPS 600
    P4 3.0 GHz
    Graphic card is a crappy GeForce 7900GS

    I'm kinda sure the capacitor comes from my graphic card because I took a loot at it and there is 2-3 mores capacitors exactly like this one and there is a spot when you can see clearly that something has been unsoldered.

    I'm not sure how hot is the card but on RivaTuner my core temp went up to 63C, and it's usually around 49C.

    About the graphical indications...well, I can see a bunch of pixels from different colors popping in my desktop background.
    It's very hot here today and there was a lot more of those than usual.
    Now my PC is open on my desk with a big fan toward it so it's a lot better.
    Earlier today, the screen was turning black every 5 seconds and there was red pixels all over the place!

    I'm not sure what is an artifact but last year while playing Warhammer Online, I had some graphical problems that might be that.
    I didn't play any game since then because I wasn't able to unless I had my big fan on my open PC like today lol

    I took some print screens of it back then, here's some links:
  4. Anyone knows if it's really this broken piece that could cause this?
  5. Either way a broken piece on any PCB will definitely screw something up. I would know, I accidentally hit my friend's motherboard with a safety knife once while trying to free up some more PSU cables that were zip tied and took a little microchip off of it. Didn't even turn on anymore after that! : )

    I'd take a gander and say that yes, your card is going haywire due to this missing capacitor and that the heat issues probably don't help.

    Time for a new card!
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