How I know if my psu is good or faulty ?

I experienced some problems in my new PC from several months now , and I changed many things but some of the problems remains so I suspect now my PSU "cooler master 850w"

the problems are: blue screen bsod (win7 64bit), hangup (still occur), suddenly my 1 year old WD hard drive not detected any more in bios , some slow performance in win 7

so what do you think ? how I can make sure whether if I must change my psu ?

I have available now in my country as brands "coolermaster" and "HEC Cougar" only !

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  1. I'd grab yourself a cheap multimeter. They can be had for $10 or so.

    Check the voltages on each rail with a load on them. If they deviate much from their intended voltages (12v for Yellow, 5v for Red, 3.3v for Orange), then that may indicate a problem.
  2. thanks I had one already and I did that the voltage are normal, but how I can put my rig on load ?
    I have now i7 860, one hard drive, 8800 card so no heavy load on the psu

    but later I will add two other drives + gtx 460
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