So, my power cord broke...

Unfortunately, my power cord for my only computer broke a couple month ago, and when I ordered a replacement, that didn't work as well. Because I wasn't able to send the item back in time, I'm stuck with two cords that don't work, and I need a way to fix at least one of them. So here's the situation...

Power cord #1: Original power cord that came with the computer (IBM Thinkpad T30 2366). The cord broke just behind the tip* and now plug-free. While the box-thingy-majiger is sill operational (as I found out when the exposed wires began to arc when I plugged the thing in), without the tip, it's no good (duh).

Power cord #2: It's in the opposite condition of the first one. While the tip is still attached, the box does not work, or at least I believe it doesn't because the box-thingy-majiger does not heat up when plugged in. I tested the box with multiple plugs and in multiple sockets, yet still nothing.

So, is there anything I can do to alleviate this problem without paying more money? Also, if you want to see some pictures of the plugs, I will gladly upload some.


P.S. If the image doesn't work, please tell me how and I'll fix the it.
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    Buy the appropriate size plug, solder it on to the cord you already have :)
  2. Sounds like a plan. Is there a way I can remove the cord from the bad box and solder it onto the good one
  3. yep. with scissors :)
  4. shovenose said:
    yep. with scissors :)

    :D, haha, aren't you a silly goose.

    Lol, how would I go about soldering it? The only reason I ask is because a power cord seems a lot more difficult to solder than fixing a kink on a motherboard. If there is a guide out there that could help me and you guys know of it, I would love to see it.
  5. Google "basic soldering".
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