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Temps too hot?

i have a phenom 965 BE not oc'd and a evga 460gtx i just built this computer about a month ago with limited use lately but i was wondering if my temps were normal at idle my cpu is at 38c and with world of warcraft running for about an hr it gets up to 48c while the gpu is around 67c. thank you
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    Hello cyprus1234;
    Nothing wrong at all with those operating temps.
    38C might be a little higher than some but the gaming load temps of 48C is quite a bit lower than the 60~62C you can see with the X4 965 under heavy loads.
  2. And your GTX 460 temps fall right into the average range too.

  3. Thank you WR2 appreciate the responce. but before i play a game i have seen my cpu idle at 34-36c just after im done playing it seems to hover around 38c. any how thank you again
  4. That 34C range is just about right for a fully idle system at startup. You look to be in good shape.

    You want to try a 'full power' CPU and GPU test?
  5. Sure lol that would be great
  6. 3DMark06 Basic Edition build 1.2 a free download for the basic version.
    Be sure to reset your HWMonitor Min/Max - look under the View options - just before running it.
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