Seagate Hybrid vs SSD in laptop

Hi Guys,

I just bought a MSI GE60 for use in school. It'll be my sole computer for the next couple of years because I can't bring my desktop up.

The boot times with the inbuilt 7200rpm drive are pretty horrible, so I was thinking of swapping to either a 256gb SSD (probably crucial m4) or a seagate momentus xt hybrid drive (750gb with 8gb cache).

Does anyone have experience with these drives? If the boot timings for the seagate are almost comparable with the ssd, then I wont have to sacrifice my space.

Thanks for your help
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  1. Hybrid drives kinda...suck. If you can get by with 256GB of storage space go for it, if not, then keep the 7200 drive you currently have.
  2. The hybrid drives are better than regular hard drives. Even better is a 7200RPM drive with a high performance and capacity SSD caching it and better than that are the actual SSDS.

    Edit: Hybrids do not suck. They aren't all huge improvements over the hard drives, but the newest ones (such as the 750GB Momentous XT) are worth their price.
  3. I have a 500GB hybrid drive; the older model. While I think it is faster, it does not compare to a SSD. If 256GB is enough space (probably really around 240GB) and your budget allows, get the SSD. The Newegg Details (and MSI web site) don't say, but see if your new laptop has a mSATA slot. If it does, you can get a mSATA SSD for your OS and programs, and keep the existing drive for storage.
  4. Well ok I have the 750 hybrid drive in a clevo laptop and it most definitly helps the boot times. This drive sections off a bit of the cach just for OS files for this very reason. But the downside is after that it pretty much acts like a standard 7200 rpm drive. I have a Sata 2 ssd in my desktop and it is notebly snappier in all tasks including booting. But I am not knocking the seagate I like it it is fast enough and 750 gigs is nice to not carry an external drive around. It is worth it over a standard drive either way but it is hard to loose an extra 500 gigs of space for a few saved seconds here and there.

  5. Thanks for the input guys. I can't do the mSATA cache setup because, while my laptop has an mSATA slot, the space is occupied by the optical disk drive, which i don't really want to sacrifice.

    if i settle on the 256gb ssd, i'll probably have to store all my videos and pictures off the ssd on an external usb 3.0. anyone currently working on this set up?
  6. Why not put them on a NAS?
  7. going overseas for university studies, will have absolutely no other hardware with me :(
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    Well, then I think that it would be better to simply have all of your files stored on your computer rather than including external hardware that you bring with it in the equation. It's just more stuff to need to keep track of. If you mostly care about boot times, then an SSD won't be a huge benefit over a hybrid drive. Do you really want the extra hassle of an external hard drive just to get a snappier experience with the laptop when working with things that aren't on the external storage? It's your choice, but I'd just get a hybrid if it was my choice.
  9. Yes for what you want the hybrid drive is much more to close to fulfilling your needs and programs you use every day will get cached over time and be quite a bit faster.. I wish they put more cach on there 16 gigs seems about right to me but oh well.. This way you can have your usb3 drive and can leave it in your room to just backup or keep your porn on ect LOL...


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